The Tapper's Fool
A psychotic and chaotic play about a tap dancer who became addicted to his dance partner’s feet.

Stadt Menschen
Town people, Germany, 1942.

This work was written for my grandmother, Gloria Alice Lansdown, who passed away peacefully in November, 2011.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there has been an enormous resurgence of interest in Russia’s Soviet past, as well as a great deal of debate and reconsideration of the Soviet Era itself.  The shift has not resulted in the vilification of every Soviet, or a naive embrace of all that proceeded it, but it has spurred an unprecedented effort to regain the ancient Russian national heritage.

Grandewel was composed to capture European history through classical influence. When one listens to this work, I wish for them to feel what my ancestors experienced throughout their journey to America and Australia. The melding of subtle and bold textures in Grandewel reflect my subconscious, gently drawn to what many call their homeland.

Lola Told the Flowers
‘Lola shares her thoughts with flowers’

Dorothy was composed after my great aunty passed away in October, 2012. This piece reflects her generation, artistic nature and her classic way of life.

Wives in Ireland
Wives in Ireland reflects the history of women’s lives and experiences in Ireland from 1500 to 1800. This was a time of considerable change, as English colonization, religious reform and urbanisation transformed society.

Eliza's Voyage
Eliza was a 17 year old girl who lived throughout the Great Depression. After loosing her parents and having to take care of her six year old brother, Lucas, she became a poet on the streets. With her busking money, she journeyed for miles, becoming known as the ‘girl poet’.

House of Oliver
A story of young man who made several attempts to take his life. For two years, he endured severe mental turmoil. After exhausting many avenues of medication, he received a healing from Brazilian medium, healer and spiritualist, Joao De Deus, who currently practices in a small town called Abadiânia in Brazil. Within two months, his mental state dramatically improved and within 6 months, he was off all medication and returned to a normal healthy life, free from depression.