Lolli Water
My father said lolli water was the name given to soft drink when growing up in Papua New Guinea.


A place to experience luxury, a suite for the Elite.

Ling Lee
The name for this piece came unexpectedly. Some time later I researched the name Ling Lee which lead me to a film-maker, whose work focuses on human stories, crossover cultures and experimental film techniques.

Beauty, love, lust, life. A reflection of intimacy.

Lilly's Candle
A story about a girl named Lilly who lights a candle every evening for those suffering around the world. Her gentle nature gives her the ability to heal sadness in others.

Phsykey Boy
Set in the 1920’s, Phsykey Boy is about a group of men who lived their lives as undercover assassins in Chicago.

This work is a fictional story of an elderly women named Suti, who paints and draws daily activities in Central Park, New York. With a vast array of pastels and water colours, she is locally known for her vibrant artwork and bubbly personality.

Old Tokyo
This work was written to capture the culture of old Tokyo.

Catherine's Quilt
As a child, I vividly remember my grandmother’s brown and orange quilt laying at the end of her bed. Associating quilts with my childhood, I have come to appreciate their many colours and patterns. Although my grandmother’s name is not Catherine, I felt this name portrayed her femininity.

Girl Gamblers
This work is about the girl gambler’s of New Orleans, the New Women of the 1920’s, where they boldly asserted their right to dance, drink, smoke, and date - to work their own property, to live free of the structures that governed their mother’s generation.

Dominoes with George
When living in the beautiful suburb of Windsor in Melbourne, Australia, there was a large Greek community who often socialized in small bars nearby. Dominoes with George is about the elderly men who used to hobble down the side streets to play dominoes and smoke cigars with their fellow mates. They were known for their loud and obnoxious behavior, always bartering at the local fruit shop.

Light of Dan
Dan is described as the northernmost city of the Kingdom of Israel. The melting snow from the Hermon mountains provides the majority of the water to the Jordan River which passes through Dan, making the immediate area highly fertile.

Uni Girls
American college girls competing for status.

Observation Wrong

Observation Wrong was written after arriving home from an emotional day at work in 2010. My boss who I thought knew me quite well, invited me into his office to express his concern regarding my emotional behaviour. At the time, I was experiencing huge transitions in my life, and he not being aware made a harsh accusation about my personal well being. We are somewhat still connected.