This work is about Sacajewea, a young American Indian Shoshoni women born in Lemhi County, Idaho. In 1805-1806, Sacajewea was acting as an interpreter and guide on the Lewis and Clarke Expedition in their exploration of the Western United States. She traveled thousands of miles, from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean during this time, becoming famous for her incredible journey.

Japanese Indians
When I am in solitude and feel completely rested, my spirit is drawn to old Japan and the American Indians. This piece is woven perfectly between the two. I feel connected to the truth when I combine their worlds.

'When life becomes convoluted, the soul becomes vague...'

Cheeky Hallway
This work is about a young girl named Lilac who suffered from the severe disease, polio, in 1867. Adopted by her grandparents, she lived in an old two story home just outside the Berkshires in Massachusetts. During the night, Lilac gently slid her body off the bed in an attempt to walk down the corridor. With great difficulty, she crawled over to the wooden railing and pulled her limp body upright. When she accomplished the distance of the corridor, she lay down and quietly wept until her grandfather gently carried her back to bed. Lilac passed away at age 14.

Written for a close friend, Sonia, who passed away from breast cancer, age 44.

Days in Georgia
This work is about Tamar the Great, the Queen Regnant of Georgia, who ruled Georgia from 1184 until 1213. Tamar presided over the golden age of the medieval Georgian monarchy. Her position as the first woman to rule Georgia in her own right was emphasized by the title ‘king’, commonly afforded to Tamar in the medieval Georgian sources. Among her opponents was her own husband, but she banished him and defeated anyone who said a woman should not rule. She expanded her territory and culturally, her rule was also a high point. It was considered a Golden Age and can be compared to the rule of Elizabeth I in England. In Georgia she is considered a heroine and great ruler.


'Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again,' Simon and Garfunkel sang. This piece was written while living in the Victorian Alpine Region, Australia, during the winter of 2012. The subtle tones in this piece evoke one to experience solitude and rest.

A technicolour jumpsuit for bouncing through the clouds. The experience of absolute freedom and bliss.

Daily Grind
No breakfast, coffee, traffic, office...groundhog day. This work portrays the frantic life of the corporate world, its financial system and the daily repetition of the matrix which envelops the human mind.
Jukes and Ally
Jukes and Ally is a story about a couple who met during the Hippie Movement in San Francisco, 1960. Both young and courageous, this simple piece reflects the vulnerability of their love and their desperation for freedom.

Experimental was composed to capture a timeless universe, a place where the mind and body is immortal.

Tiki in Norway
A fictional story of a little Japanese girl called Tiki who lived in a small community called Reine Village in Norway. During the warmer months, Tiki used to walk into the nearby hills in search for insects and bugs to add to her already enormous collection. Known for her long black hair and her curiosity for the insect world, Tiki became a regular visitor to the elderly.

Jazz Killed Ashley
This piece is a story about a young women named Ashley who traveled far and wide to perform jazz piano with the local African-American communities, post settlement to America in the late 19th Century. Because of her exuberant personality and need for attention, Ashley unfortunately became an alcoholic and was tragically killed on her journey to St. Augustine.

Nonsense in Tact
This work was composed to reflect the drama and manipulation adults often create.

Dazed in Trains
Dazed in Trains was composed not long after a twenty-one hour train trip from New York to Chicago. Although plenty of time to reflect on various events, my mind was somewhat in a daze for a majority of the journey.