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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

A moment with founder of Adore Animals Foundation - Lisa Louden

While this week has been focused on regaining my creative routine, like many of us I am faced with either ravelling in the sorrowful aftermath of our bushfire disaster, or picking myself up with hope of a new beginning. Aside from this ongoing quandary, I am delighted to share a short story trailed with a delicate conclusion; one that reminds us of our true nature during a time of crisis.

Having spent a few days with my wildlife foster carer friend Danni, it was evident her little newborn joey nestled in a handful of love was a major contributor towards us 'getting on with it'. What began as a road trip to purchase supplies for the little one, soon turned into a divinely orchestrated gathering with a women who’s desire to ‘do her part’ was nothing short of admirable.

While her gentle nature and passion for animal welfare is contagious, there is no doubt founder of Adore Animals Foundation, Lisa Louden, is contributing towards Australia’s road to recovery.

In 2005, Little Black Dog Publications launched Adore Animals Magazine. In researching and then building the magazine, Little Black Dog explored the animal industry and its varied needs, building strong relationships with non-profit organisations, media, advertisers, communities and readers. Through working with these organisations, they saw a way they could assist; so in 2007, Lisa founded the independent and not-for-profit Adore Animals Foundation.

For five years, her creation prospered. Adore's 'get things done' approach was consolidated with a Board of Directors (all volunteers) who had a passion for animals, a wealth of experience, and a drive to inform readers of their contribution towards major projects; namely Animal Disaster Recovery, Black Saturday Projects, Project Bushfire Readiness and Leadbeater's Possum Project to name just a few; all of which stimulated a willingness to bring forth awareness to the Adore community.

In 2012, with no external funding – except that which the Foundation raised themselves to complete projects – it was time to say goodbye to the Foundation. Although, with the ongoing support of animal devotees, Adore has decided to stick around with the aim of providing free information and education about welfare issues, while also fostering positive relationships between animals and humans.

After chatting away with Lisa in the comfort of her father's home, the above merely touches on the sheer dedication in which her and Adore's collective provides to the animal welfare community. While her passion lies within the world of wildlife, one may also be directed to Lisa's talent as a journalist and writer.

As Danni bottle fed the little joey (Bruce), Lisa shared with us her passion for writing. Accompanied by her son Otto and her father Frank, enthusiastically she presented two of her books. One, a children's book titled The Pipey Fairy which was short listed for Book of the Year in 2018, and secondly the powerful cover that silenced me - Moments of Connection.

"After writing an article on the benefits of animals on children, I thought that photographs to illustrate these amazing relationships with inspirational text would make a beautiful coffee-table book. Thus, Moments of Connection was born. I created the concept, research and text for the book, which was originally produced for general distribution. As it was about to go to press however, Black Saturday happened in Victoria, Australia. The fires were catastrophic, killing 173 people, injuring more than 400, and destroying more than 450,000 hectares of land, and with it, thousands of livestock and wildlife. I knew then, the book’s purpose. As Managing Director of Adore Animals Foundation, we quickly set out to find five amazing ambassadors for the book and sponsorship, teamed up with the national charity protecting children from violence - The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, and launched Moments of Connection, with the purpose of donating profits from book sales to projects to aid animal recovery from the events of Black Saturday" Lisa writes.

As our conversation on animal welfare topics continued, we returned to the reason for Lisa's phone call to Danni. Having a deep concern for our Victorian wildlife, Lisa explained she will be returning home to Darwin, Northern Territory, and commencing a fundraiser at the Darwin Airport on January 27th from 10:30am - 3:30pm outside News Travels. All donators will receive a free book of Moments of Connection and funds will be distributed directly to North East Victoria wildlife carers and Animals Australia, a non-profit organisation providing support to fire-devastated areas.

If you wish to support our regional Victorian wildlife carers, please contact Lisa on the details below

Adore Animals -

Lisa Louden -

Click here for a video preview of Moments of Connection

'We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love...and then we return home' - Australian Aboriginal Proverb

Thank you xx


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