Fall of the Crane

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

I often walk my dog along the banks of the Oven Valley in North-East Victoria. It is bordered on one side by native Australian trees and old mining shafts from the early 1900’s. Wildlife is plentiful there and the beautiful crane can often be spotted nearby on the flat-lands.

I’ve seen lots of Sandhill cranes at a distance and have always loved their prehistoric beauty. They tend to keep their distance, and who could blame them?

In the privacy of my mind, my intention while strolling along is to practice mindfulness; walking my dog is one opportunity where I can revel in my imagination. Among other things, my practice involves learning to invoke and welcome a protective circle of light around me as I walk and trust it to remain throughout my day. That said, I am human!

Upon returning to my studio, seeing this bird subconsciously helps me to focus more intently on the imaginary world within. I still have some doubts and reservations about it all, although the beauty of the crane nearby seems to be saying, 'Hey, you are on the right track. Your world is beautiful, keep going.'

It seems to me the crane traces and affirms both my protective circle and my positive intent, and though it may sound strange, it is a very powerful moment for me when I encounter this exquisite bird.

My new composition Fall of the Crane reflects the highs and lows of our human spirit. When standing strong in the seat of our soul, the crane is gracefully prancing with wisdom and intent. When vulnerable, she is tired and seeking a soft landing to rest and regain her strength.

Download Fall of the Crane for free until November 30, 2018 xx


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