• Elysian

    From personal experiences, fictional stories and a love for all things beautiful, Emili Rackemann has sparked an eclectic interconnection between classical and minimalism with her seventh album release titled Elysian.

    With a love for story-telling, Emili Rackemann invites audiences on a timeless journey into multiple realities using her much loved instrument. From the Elysian Fields of ancient Greek mythology, to the melodic nuances expressed in Finding Home, this beautiful collection of sound reflects Rackemann’s dream world in which she creates to allow herself and audiences escape the many confronting realities we all experience.

  • Tracks

    1. Absence of the Wild

    2. Birds Fall

    3. Days I felt at Home

    4. Earth Cry

    5. Finding Home

    6. Lost in Mongolia

    7. Strong Place

    8. Petals for Pagans

    9. Plato's Afterlife

    10. Quiet Streets

    11. Rain in Africa

    12. Scars of the Beautiful

    13. Seatrees

    14. Self

    15. Shadows of Aswan

    16. Sisters of Spring

    17. Sun of the Seas

    18. Alaska

    19. Statue of Compassion

    20. Elysian Fields

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