Raised in remote Australia, Emili Rackemann's love for her rural upbringing never failed in providing her with a creative mind which soon propelled her into the world of composition and piano performance in the years ahead.


Perhaps she owes her first desire towards music and to what would be her eminent career to her ancestors', naming pianist Professor Frederic Rackemann and brother Ludwig of Germany who were highly renowned for their exquisite performances in the United States and Germany during the mid-nineteenth century. In 1839, pianist Ludwig Rackemann was one of the first German pianists to tour America; and in 1842, Ludwig's brother Frederic was also captivating European audiences, playing triple concertos with Felix Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann.


Emili began her musical studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia, specializing in classical piano performance under the tutelage of Korean-born Australian pianist Young Ah Hauser (former Kim) and Stephen Savage; and in 2010 she released her first album which set in motion seven future albums of original classical and minimalist piano music followed with performances in Europe, Australia and the US.

While her name is undoubtedly becoming a permanent fixture as an Australian composer, her childhood dream to compose for film has recently been revived as the next phase of her journey. While she continues to compose for her ongoing project Nature Series in collaboration with independent film-makers, Emili is now focusing on expanding her catalogue of music for film.

Emili now resides in the foothills of the Victorian High Country in Australia where she devotes her time to composition, music education and arranging. She is also the co-founder of wildlife charity Reach Out Wildlife Australia, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to Australian wildlife rescue, care and rehabilitation.