Born and raised in remote Central Queensland, Australia, Emili’s love for her rural upbringing never failed in providing her with a creative mind which would soon propel her into the world of composition and performance.


One of ten women composers invited to perform at the 2018 International Composers Festival, Emili Rackemann is finding her way into the hearts and mind of her devotees, bringing women-hood into equilibrium within the world of music composition. While her music has sparked a beautiful interconnection between classical and minimalism, Emili's story-telling trailed with a love for live performance is undoubtedly giving Australian women a voice within the classical contemporary music scene.

Emili often speaks of her music as an aural tapestry. "When I compose I feel I am a conduit between spoken word and music. When there is a story to tell, genre become irrelevant" she says. With over one hundred compositions and seven album releases, Emili's music invites audiences on a timeless journey. From uncharted history, personal thoughts and fictional stories, her music undoubtedly showcases the brilliance and diversity of her much loved instrument.


While there is an ongoing desire to take her audiences on a journey into many worlds, Emili's deep compassion towards animal welfare issues has also influenced her music. Emili contributes a portion of her performance sales to various non-profit organisations whom are constantly moving towards making our world a kinder place. "Kindness is ultimately within us all; a lack of only reflects in one who has been gradually desensitised" she says.


Following several featured articles in magazines such as Classical Crossover, Vegan Lifestyle and Country Lifestyle, Emili's journey as an artist and storyteller no doubt reflects all the qualities of an upcoming Australian female icon.

"I think Australian composers have the potential to subtly shifts the paradigms surrounding women in music. We are fortunate to have the beautiful outback which we can lean on in search for emotional depth, and we have a multi-cultural society in which we can explore, resulting in a deeper, more empathic understanding of the world. Australia is already known for its story-telling; it can also be our purpose to translate spoken word through music' she says.


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