Obsessions of a Composer
Often inspired by drama, love and intense experiences, the mind of a composer can be somewhat complex. This work portrays the desire to become recognised, accepted and appreciated.

The Last Prince
Inspired by the famous book The Little Prince, written by French aristocrat, writer, poet and pioneering aviator

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Queens English
English Royalty has an incredibly unique history. This work not only portrays the elegance and power constantly displayed to the masses, but also the Elite’s ability to transform societies.

The Soldier's Horse
We grieve for so many who were killed in war although we tend to forget the strength of these powerful animals and what they endured throughout both World Wars. This piece is about a soldier who rests beside his horse during his final moments on the battlefield. Both severely wounded, the warmth of his horse settles his mind, allowing him to reminisce about his life before

passing away.
My Lady and the Battle of Cadsand
The Battle of Cadsand took place in 1337 between the English and the Flemish. The fantasy behind this reality is of two lovers and the turmoil they both experienced prior to going into battle. The third movement of this work not only reflects his final moments in battle, but also his lover coming to terms with her lover never returning home.
Broken Child

A story of a young women who is living like a child inside an adult's body.

Kingdom of Aragon

This work is about the Kingdom of Aragon, a medieval and early modern kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula. The Kings of Aragon had also the title of Count of Barcelona and ruled territories that consisted of not only the present administrative region of Aragon, but also Catalonia, and later the kingdoms of Majorca, Valencia, Sicily, Naples and Sardinia.

Mind of a Genius
Seclusion often interferes with the mind of a genius. This work was composed to portray the intensity of emotional highs and lows

one endures in order to accomplish their life purpose.

Challenge...who are you?
Why do you greet my heart each morning smiling?
Can you hide somewhere and pretend you have accomplished it all? ©  2015


Mepe is derived from the Georgian word me-u-pe which means sovereign and lord. Mepe meant king, but it was also used by female monarchs of Georgia as well. This piece is about Mepe Bagrat III of Georgia, who was the King of the Abkhazians until his death in May, 1014.

Throne of Silence

In a world full of manufactured happiness, I composed this work to encourage myself and the listener to be present, to reflect on their true self, rather than finding something or someone to fulfill their personal happiness.